Pubg tips & tricks – how to be a pro and take chicken dinner everytime

Pubg tips & tricks – Hello readers today we are going to talk about how to be pro and take chicken dinner every time on pubg so without wasting time let begins. pubg tricks & tricks

what is pubg?

What is the game PUBG?
How many people use DuckDuckGo?
It is an online game developed by PUBG Corporation.

It is a player vs player action game in which 100 or more players fight to remain alive as a planet depletes of most of its population. You can choose a match solo or play starting with a small team. 

Every game starts with a plane. You are on the plane and you have to parachute onto an area that is on the map. The flight path changes with every round and you need to decide the best time for jumping. You start playing basically without weapons, you have only customized clothing that doesn’t really play any role in the game.

When you land, you can start looking for buildings and other places where you possibly can find weapons, armor and other equipment. If you are killed, other players can take your stuff.

And when you finish around, you can gain in-game currency depending on how long you survived.
It is an Excellent game to play.

Pubg tips & tricks – how to be a pro and take chicken dinner every time

  1. Enable peek and fire – It’s good to use in situations where you have cover and the other person doesn’t. Just locate where the guy is behind cover through a third-person view, aim and then peek or vice-versa, I prefer the initial. Much harder to hit just ahead than a whole body, especially when the guy is panicking in the open.It’s pretty pointless when both are in the open since aim assist is pretty strong. It only slows you down. Also if u are on peek and fire mode u can reduce too much recoil. 
  2. Play with 3 or 4 finger claw – Yeah you have to have like four fingers on your phone at all times. Left thumb for moving around,, right thumb for looking , left index finger for aiming and the right for shooting. You can switch it up according to your play style . There are so much video on YouTube u can check them out.
  3. Use eye button – You can see ur surrounding without changing your view on the way.
  4. Double jump – Yeah u heard write u can do a double jump. You can jump from one building to the second building via the double jump. You have to time it perfectly, and press jump and again press jump . Boom u are on the second building.
  5. Always use the farying pan as ur melee weapons– It is bullet proof no bullet can surpass frying pan so always take them in ur back. 
  6. Always get special drop crates – Many people didn’t get a special drop. That drops contain many special item like -awm garoza aug a3 scopes geele suitetc so always get air drop supply.
  7. Use best quality earphone – It is the most important thing to use on pubg . It’s help u to listen to foot step from which direction the enemy is coming . So use them.
  8. Use single fire mode if u are sniping – Many people use burst and auto mode on sniping but if u are doing this then don’t it creates recoil. So please don’t do this.
  9. Always in cover in the last circle– If u are prone an enemy saw you. You will die for sure. But if u are in cover and enemy show you. You can survive and kill that enemy.
  10. Wear dark clothes– Yes light color looks pretty but that light color can be sawed by the opponent if u are prone in the glass. So always use dark clothes. 
    So that’s 10 trick that help u to be a pro and take chicken dinner everytime.❤️

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