Download Gbinstagram app for android devices

Download Gbinstagram app for android devices- Instagram is becoming a popular app day by day. Its user base is increasing as its facebook’s own app. From Instagram you can upload pictures, story, messaging and much more. It has many inbuilt features though. Many people recommend Instagram over WhatsApp and Facebook and many people recommend facebook over Instagram and WhatsApp. Every people has its own choices and preferences but the more votes and recommendation is on Instagram over WhatsApp and facebook that’s why it becoming more popular day by day. Today from the GB Team modded Instagram app released known as GBinstagram. Download Gbinstagram app for android devices

From GBinstagram you can download videos and photos of anyone which you see on Instagram. Not only this there is a lot of more features which are:

  • Use Dual Instagram Account in Single Phone
  • Multiple languages support
  • 24 hours online features
  • New Emoji added
  • Added Ability to Share/Copy Video/Images Url
  • Added Ability to Download Stories
  • Added options to Theme Chats/Chat screen
  • You can set Group name up to 35 Characters
  • Added Ability to Copy Comment
  • Added Ability to Translate Comments
  • Added Ability to copy Bio
  • You can send 90 images at a time
  • Added Ability to Zoom Profile Pics (Press & Hold the Profile Image)
  • Send a File Up to 100mb
  • Added Ability to Support Links in App
  • Added Option to Start Audio Directly with Video
  • Added You will know who follows you 

How to Download Gbinstagram app for Android devices:-

  1. Firstly uninstall Facebook and your Instagram.
  2. Download GBinstagram from here
  3. Open the app then login via Facebook or direct login through username and password.
  4. That’s it! You have successfully installed GBinstagram.
  5. Now you can install facebook which you uninstalled earlier.
    NOTE – If you gonna to login via facebook on GBinstagram then you need to uninstall. 


As this is the initial release of GBinstagram from GB team so might be you will face some lag or any other issue but please mention that in the comment so that people can aware of this. Hope you like this post and also do check out  GBWhatsapp v5.90 – Recall/delete your messages

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