Datagenie SCRIPT – Earn Rs 3 per refer

Datagenie script gives you an exciting paytm cash. From the script, you will get Rs 3 per refer. You can earn unlimited paytm cash by doing referring unlimited numbers from a script. A script is quite fast and working fine. Datagenie is almost like a mcent app. Not only you will get paytm by referring people but also you can earn paytm/net data by installing apps like download Facebook and get 40 MB data, Install paytm and get 100MB data, download google chrome and get 20MB data or etc.

Datagenie SCRIPT

The app is fully trusted and tested by me. Minimum redemption of paytm cash is Rs 50 only. From the datagenie app, you can also do recharge, bill payments and much more in a single app. Now you will think that it has many features then it will consume more RAM, battery, and data but I will say a big NO. This app consumes only 20MB of your phone’s RAM, consumes battery almost same as mcent and also consumes same data as mcent. If you are using mcent script previously then you will won’t regret datagenie script. Generally, It doesn’t occur any problem but if you face any problems in exception case then you can contact datagenie via contact form which was in the datagenie app. You have to only write your name, the reason for contacting and your message.

How to use datagenie script :

  1. Download datagenie from here.
  2. Open the app and sign up with your details.
  3. On the dashboard of the app, swipe left and there you will see “invite & get free paytm”.
  4. Click on that and copy your referral link.
  5. If your referral link is “” then your referral code will be “147247”.
  6. Now the below script enter your new number and enter your referral code
  7. Put OTP.
  8. You are done. You will get Rs 3 in your wallet.
  9. Make your wallet at least Rs 50 in order to redeem via paytm cash. 🙂

Datagenie SCRIPT


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