How to call anyone without your mobile number

Call anyone without your mobile number: Now you can call your friends and family without using your phone number. This trick now can be possible and we can call to any number without showing your own number. This trick is 100% free and tested by me so without any hesitation you can use it. Make sure the number you gonna call is in India otherwise you can’t able to call. So without wasting any further time let’s jump into the steps.

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call anyone without your mobile number

How to call anyone without your mobile number:

  1. Download this app from here
  2. Open the app and choose country code as USD.
  3. By default it was set as “+91” click on it and search for “United states of america(+1)”.
  4. Enter your 2ndline number and verify it via otp or call(sometimes you may not get sms so request for a call).
  5. Go to menu option which is located at bottom right side of the app.
  6. Click on “your account”.
  7. Click on “anonymous” option.
  8. Now go to keypad option which is located at centre-bottom of the app.
  9. Enter your friend number with the country code. Ex – +919304506068.
  10. That’s it! Your friend will get a call from +4049.
  11. You can talk to your friends on call for maximum 2 minutes.
  12. Repeat this steps for unlimited durations of call. 
  13. NOTE – If you want to show your US number instead of +4049 then don’t do steps 6 & 7.


 call anyone without your mobile number

SMS “SUB” to 8540885056

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