IPL 2017 schedule

Hello readers, today i am back with new post. This post is for cricket lovers. There are many people who are waiting for the Schedule of the upcoming IPL which will begins from 5th april 2017. In IPL there are total 8 teams.

Date                    TEAM             VENUE             TIME

5th April 2017 – SRH vs RCB   HYDERABAD     20:00IST

6th April 2017 – RPS vs MI       PUNE                    20:00IST

7th April 2017 – GL vs KKR     RAJKOT              20:00IST

8th April 2017 – KXIP VS RPS INDORE               16:00IST

8th April 2017- RCB vs DD      BANGALORE     20:00IST

9th April 2017 -SRH vs GL       HYDERABAD    16:00IST

9th April 2017 – MI vs KKR       MUMBAI            20:00IST

10th April 2017 – KXIP vs RCB  INDORE              20:00IST

11th April 2017 – RPS vs DD       PUNE                     20:00IST

12th April 2017 – MI vs SRH       MUMBAI             20:00IST

13th April 2017 – KKR vs KXIP  KOLKATA          20:00IST

14th April 2017 – RCB vs MI       BANGALORE      16:00IST

14th April 2017 – GL vs RPS        RAJKOT             20:00IST

15th April 2017 – KKR vs SRH    KOLKATA        16:00IST

15th April 2017 – DD vs KXIP      DELHI               20:00IST

16th April 2017 – MI vs GL           MUMBAI          16:00IST

16th April 2017 – RCB vs RPS       BANGALORE  20:00IST

17th April 2017 -DD vs KKR      DELHI                 16:00IST

17th April 2017 – SRH vs KXIP   HYDERABAD    20:00IST

18th April 2017 -GL vs RCB       RAJKOT              20:00IST

19th April 2017 -SRH vs DD      HYDERBAD         20:00IST

20th April 2017 -KXIP vs MI     INDORE               20:00IST

21st April 2017 – KKR vs GL     KOLKATA            20:00IST

22nd April 2017 -RPS vs SRH   PUNE                    16:00IST

22nd April 2017 -MI vs DD        MUMBAI              20:00IST

23rd April 2017 -GL vs KXIP   KOLKATA          16:00IST

23rd April 2017 – KKR vs RCB BANGALORE      20:00IST

24th April 2017 -MI vs RPS       MUMBAI              20:00IST

25th April 2017 -RCB vs SRH    BANGALORE     20:00IST

26th April 2017 -RPS vs KKR     PUNE                    20:00IST

27th April 2017 -RCB vs GL       BANGALORE      20:00IST

28th April 2017 -KKR vs GL      KOLKATA            16:00IST

28th April 2017 -KXIP vs SRH  MOHALI                20:00IST

29th April 2017 -RPS vs RCB   PUNE                        16:00IST

29th April 2017 -GL vs MI         RAJKOT             20:00IST

30th April 2017 -KXIP  vs DD   MOHHALI           16:00IST

30th April 2017 -SRH vs KKR   HYDERABAD     20:00IST

1st May 2017 –   MI vs RCB     MUMBAI             16:00IST

1st May 2017 –   RPS vs GL      PUNE                   20:00IST

2nd May 2017 – DD vs SRH     DELHI                 16:00IST

3rd May 2017 – KKR vs RPS  KOLKATA         20:00IST

4th May 2017 – DD vs GL      DELHI                20:00IST

5th May 2017 – RCB vs KXIP BANGALORE 20:00IST

6th May 2017 – SRH vs RPS    HYDERBAD     16:00IST

6th May 2017 – DD vs MI         DELHI               20:00IST

7th May 2017 – RCB vs KKR    BANGALORE   16:00IST

7th May 2017 – KXIP vs GL       MOHALI        20:00IST

8th May 2017 – SRH vs MI        HYDERABAD  20:00IST

9th May 2017 – KXIP vs KKR   MOHALI          20:00IST

10th May 2017 – GL vs DD          KANPUR           20:00IST

11th May 2017 – MI vs KXIP      MUMBAI           20:00IST

12th May 2017 –  DD vs RPS       DELHI                20:00IST

13th May 2017 – GL vs SRH       KANPUR            16:00IST

13th  May 2017 – KKR vs MI     KOLKATA         20:00IST

14th May 2017 –  RPS vs KXIP  PUNE                  16:00IST

14th May 2017 –  DD vs RCB       DELHI              20:00IST

1st qualifier       – 16 may 2017, 20:00 IST

ELIMINATOR  – 17 may 2017, 20:00IST

3rd qualifier       – 19 may 2017, 20:00IST

FINAL – 21st May 2017, 20:00IST

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